Announcing: “Barstarzz New Orleans”

October 10, 2017
Adam Mejerson

FitLot has teamed up with international calisthenics group to launch

“Barstarzz New Orleans”


When we started FitLot we set out to not only build the most effective outdoor fitness park we could dream up, we wanted to help people learn how to use them and to help foster a community around it. That is why we are proud to announce that FitLot has teamed up with Barstarzz, one of the largest calisthenics and outdoor fitness communities in the world.

Barstarzz has spread freestyle calisthenics, functional strength, and natural nutrition to millions of people around the world through youtube tutorials and motivational videos. Barstarzz groups have developed in parks and cities throughout the world and now you can be part of the movement by joining Barstartzz New Orleans.

Join the Barstarzz New Orleans group on Facebook if you are interested in free workshops, regular training meet ups and being part of a calisthenics community in New Orleans that uses the FitLot Fitness Park as its home base. Starting in September we will have a weekly meet up to work on classic calisthenics skill techniques like pull ups, muscle ups, handstands, levers, planches etc as well as work through the strength building workouts in the Barstarzz BTX program.

Check out The Barstarzz BTX 12 week training program below

To purchase the12 week training program or to learn more about it click here.

You can see Nelson’s transformative experience using the BTX program below.

For more about Barstarzz visit their youtube page which has had over 120 million views or check out this Men’s Health Write Up.

If you want to do the 12-week BTX Program and willing to document your experience like Nelson did, send an email to and we’ll let you know how you can save $100 and get a free registration for the program.

See you at the FitLot!