FitLot Eventbrite Registration System Guide
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Checking in class participants is easy with the Eventbrite Organizer App. This can be done on a personal device, like a cell phone, or a Rec Department can have an ipad on-hand for each class.

  1. First, have your coach download the Eventbrite Organizer App
  2. Next, your coach will use the invitation email sent to them by Eventbrite when you added them in the Add Coach step of the guide. The subject of the email is, “You Have Been Invited to FitLot…” 
  3. Have the coach click the “Get Started Button” in the email.
  4. Next, have them register for an Eventbrite account by filling in the account registration form.
  5. Click “Access”.
  6. The coach is now logged into 
    • The coach cannot check-in or register new participants through They must use the EVENTBRITE ORGANIZER APP to check-in and register participants.
  8. The coach should now login to the Eventbrite Organizer App downloaded in step one. The coach should use the same email address and password they set up for their Eventbrite account in the previous steps.