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For questions about FitLot Program implementation, development, or other partnerships with FitLot: Adam Mejerson Executive Director FitLot, Inc.
FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
About Lesson

FitLot Classes are designed so adults of all ages and abilities have the opportunity to work with a local fitness professional and be part of building an active community. 

There are three types of one-hour classes this grant supports. The goal is to incorporate each of these class types into your normal program seasons.

FitLot Program Class Types

FitLot Method Introduction Classes Participants learn proper form, safe equipment use, and the format of FitLot’sCircuit Training classes in a slower-paced instructional setting.

FitLot suggests participants attend an introductory class before registering for an ongoing 8-week FitLot Method Circuit Training Session or a drop-in class.

FitLot suggests offering intro classes once a month during program seasons.

FitLot Method 8-Week Series Classes Participants develop a routine practice of physical activity under the guidance of a fitness professional and alongside a committed group of community members who are also working to achieve a more active lifestyle.

Encourage participants to attend 70% of the classes hosted twice a week for the 8-week series. 8 weeks is recommended, though a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks is acceptable.

FitLot Method Drop-In Classes Participants can do a full 1-hour FitLot workout without having to sign up for the commitment of an 8-week series of classes.