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For questions about FitLot Program implementation, development, or other partnerships with FitLot: Adam Mejerson Executive Director FitLot, Inc.
FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
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Let’s activate your AARP Sponsored Outdoor Fitness Park! Your FitLot was designed to be inclusive of all adult ages and abilities. FitLot, Inc’s mission is to help you build a community and culture of fitness that spreads beyond the edge of your new fitness park. This guide will show you how your grant dollars can be utilized to provide high quality, no-cost community classes led by qualified local fitness professionals. This unique outdoor fitness park, along with free classes, creates opportunities for any community member to learn how to safely and properly use their new fitness equipment. FitLot is here to support you along the way.   

The following information was previously shared in the program grant agreement. 

Purpose of Grant:

Your recreation department will use the grant to program your AARP Sponsored Outdoor Fitness Park. These funds will be used to engage community members in physical activity by hiring certified fitness professionals to lead no-cost, community FitLot Method classes at the outdoor fitness park.


Grant Use #1 – Fitness Class Funding 


 (renewable in year 2 and 3 according to terms)

Grant Use #2 – Facebook Outreach Campaign 



  • To be used by municipality to provide at least fifty-four (54) community fitness classes each grant period; funds are used to pay local fitness professionals and cover some administrative costs for the fitness classes 
  • Municipality shall not begin Fitness Classes until one (1) week after the Facebook Outreach Campaign begins for the outdoor fitness park.
  • To be used by municipality to promote the outdoor fitness park and class registration to community members using a ten (10) week templated Facebook campaign (provided by FitLot). 
  • Funds shall be used to boost the templated outreach campaign through Facebook’s promotion/marketing platform. 

Obligations of the Municipality & FitLot, Inc.

– Your municipality will be solely responsible for program management – including all community coach staffing, outreach, participant recruitment/registration, and scheduling.

– For the first grant period, funds must be used within eighteen (18) months from the date funding is received by your department..Subsequent funding periods will be renewed on an annual basis.

– FitLot will provide the funding, social media outreach toolkit, coaches training system, and a registration system for the Fitness classes.

For questions about program implementation, please reach out to