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For questions about FitLot Program implementation, development, or other partnerships with FitLot: Adam Mejerson Executive Director FitLot, Inc.
FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
About Lesson

The following is an overview for program managers to better understand the coaches’ responsibilities and functions that are expected within the grant requirements. 

Setting Up For Class 

  1. Coach should arrive at least 15 minutes before class is scheduled and be prepared with: bluetooth speaker, circuit training timer app, playlist, and 3 sets of FitKit Resistance Bands. The coach should check park equipment for any damage and functionality, sanitize park equipment, and do a sweep for trash or other hazards. 
  2. The coach must check-in or register ALL participants using the Eventbrite Organizer app & confirm they have a signed liability waiver.
  3. As long as there is one participant, start on time and make sure to end on time. 

Introducing & Beginning the Workout

  1. The coach should introduce him/herself as a FitLot Neighborhood Coach, including name and training experience. Next, the coach will explain the format of the 1 hour workout: the timer, warm up, circuit training and cool down/stretch. 
  2. Set timer: 40 seconds work / 20 seconds transition (example setting)
  3. 4-6 warm up movements. 
  4. Count the number of participants and then set them each at a station. 
  5. Demonstrate and explain the movement at each station. What the movement is, proper posture, what muscles they are using. Clearly explain each exercise and then have the participant demonstrate proper form. Correct form until proper.

Workout Circuit Training Structure & Rounds 

  1. In total, participants should go through 22–28 stations (Performing 1 exercise per station). The coach works participants around the FitLot from large muscle groups to smaller muscle groups. Coach should vary muscle groups between movements. Upper body, lower body, core, cardio. Repeat.

Cool Down & Class Wrap-Up 

  1. 4-6 minutes of cool down stretches 
  2. After stretches are complete invite the group to continue stretching anything they need and make announcements: 
  3. The coach should remind participants that they can support this program by bringing a friend/spreading the word; and remind participants of upcoming programs and to follow the recreation department’s Facebook page or scheduling platform for more information about programming, events, and cancellations. 
  4. The coach ends the workout by thanking everyone for coming to the FitLot Workout. 

Post-Class Duties 

  1. The coach should double check the participant list to ensure its accuracy