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For questions about FitLot Program implementation, development, or other partnerships with FitLot: Adam Mejerson Executive Director FitLot, Inc.
FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
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The FitLot Program Grant of $3,510 for the fitness classes is meant to support your Parks and Recreation Department in hosting high-quality, publicly-accessible outdoor fitness classes. These funds should support the hiring of local fitness professionals at $30-40 an hour as well as the administrative costs of managing this program.  

A budget of $3,510 breaks down to $65 a class for 54 classes. We suggest paying a maximum of $40 an hour to your coaches and allocating $25 a class towards administrative costs. This budget of $40/$25 allows at least 54 classes to be hosted at the park each year,  the minimum requirement.

Please ensure payment for instruction falls in line with your standard practices to allow for long term sustainable programming. If less administrative support is needed to manage this program, admin dollars can be applied to hosting additional classes at the park. Admin funds can be utilized to purchase FitKit Resistance bands, which are needed to fully activate the park. Each coach should be equipped with 3 combo sets (a set of medium and heavy resistance bands) which can be ordered at

Any unspent coaches compensation funds can be used to host additional classes during the funding term. If your department is unable to utilize all of the funds during the funding period we ask that any remaining unspent funds be donated to a local health serving 501c3 before we disburse your following funding period grant.

What Counts As a Qualifying Class?  

To fully qualify for the 54 classes sponsored by AARP, there must be at least 8 registrants and 8 participants. These guidelines help ensure the grant funds awarded will have the most community impact possible. Below is a chart to better understand what will, and will not, qualify as one of your 54 sponsored classes.