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FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
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Tips for Creating your FitLot Program Schedule

The calendar and charts below are examples, guides or suggestions. When creating your FitLot Program schedule, the main goals are: 

  • – Provide at least 54 classes each grant year and according to the grant terms (within 18-months for the first grant period).
  • – Provide a combination of each class type per program season.
  • – Set up your program schedule in a way that best integrates with your climate and your department’s typical recreation seasons.
  • – Start your FB Outreach Campaign at least one week before the start of your first FitLot Program classes.

Sample Program Schedule

Ultimately, your outdoor fitness class schedule will be determined by many factors. Below are some suggestions and examples to help you create a successful programming year. Here are some key factors to consider:

FIRST: Determine two seasons during the year you can offer 9-weeks of outdoor fitness classes. 

  • Example: Season 1 (Spring) April 14 – June 22
  • Example: Season 2 (Fall) August 14 – October 22

NEXT: Develop your calendar to include all 3 class types.

  THEN: Plan your social media outreach schedule. It should be a 10-week campaign with 2 posts each week.

Season #1 (Spring) Season #2 (Fall)
Start Facebook Campaign: Post #1  and Post #2 should be made at least one (1) week prior to the first FitLot Class in your first 9-week Season.  

End Facebook Campaign: Post #19 and Post #20 should be  visible on your FB page during the last week  of classes.

You are not required to run another 10-week Facebook Outreach Campaign for the second 9-week Training Season of FitLot classes, but you are free and encouraged  to continue to use the social media toolkit and posts for future FitLot Programs that are supported by this program grant.