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FitLot, Inc. Program Contact
For questions about FitLot Program implementation, development, or other partnerships with FitLot: Adam Mejerson Executive Director FitLot, Inc.
FitLot Program Grant Planning Guide
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Program Grant Timeline



Agreement Review

Review and execute grant agreement. Then return to

FitLot Distributes Funds 

FitLot mails your grant funds via check 

Program set up

Visit for all the information you will need to successfully set up and organize your FitLot classes

Onboarding Forms

Fill out the Program Onboarding Form and Class Schedule Template to share important information FitLot will need to organize your registration system and park page.

*Review this checklist before starting form to ensure you have all the info

Unique Park Webpage

FitLot will send you your parks unique FitLot landing page link

Registration System Access Granted to City Admin

Your City’s Program Manager will be invited to register their Eventbrite account and publish classes. 

Begin 10-week Outreach Campaign

One week prior to your first class, start promoting your FitLot Program with the 10-week templated Facebook (FB) Outreach Campaign linked at Use the $500 “social media” grant funds to “boost” posts. 

Your FitLot Classes Begin

A minimum of 54 Classes with 8+ registrants and participants are led by FitLot Neighborhood Coaches during each funding period.  

Complete the 10-week Facebook Campaign

Download and complete the Facebook Outreach Campaign Reporting Spreadsheet to report on your 10-week social media campaign.

Grant Renewal: Year 2 & 3

Any unused funds must be donated by your department to your local YMCA or a health-focused local non-profit, as approved by AARP and FitLot at the end of each grant cycle.Funds for the remaining 2 years of the grant period are determined annually by FitLot and AARP based on execution and fulfillment of the grant requirements.