Sponsorship Benefits

The Title Sponsor of the FitHouston FitLot Network will be making a statement that they are truly dedicated to the long term health of the community they serve. People will interact with these spaces multiple times a week to improve their health and quality of life for many years to come.


Logo Recognition and Custom Colors

The welcome sign, safety surfacing, and shade canopy all provide opportunities for sponsor recognition and logo placements.

In addition, park equipment can feature a custom color palette to match the branding of the sponsor. 

Public Relations

Over the last two years, our Community Build Days, Ribbon Cuttings, and ongoing activation of the parks have all been well covered by news media outlets throughout the country. 

In an 18-month period, the AARP FitLot Initiative was picked up by 98 different media outlets across America with a potential reach of over 65 million people. Along with print and online news outlets, almost half of these earned media hits were via local broadcast television news.

We’ve also had broad social media engagement by Mayors and other elected officials, parks and recreation department pages, and FitLot coaches and users all across the country.