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1. Current State of Health and Fitness
Learning objectives: -- Understand current statistics around physical fitness, inactivity and obesity within the US and worldwide -- Gain an understanding of how obesity and disease impact healthcare costs and overall public health -- Understand how FitLot Outdoor Fitness Parks can be part of the solution
2. History and Benefits of Outdoor Fitness
Learning objectives: -- Understand the history of outdoor fitness and outdoor fitness parks -- Describe the health benefits of exercising outdoors -- Explain the potential impact of accessible green space and outdoor fitness parks on public health and communities
3. Group Training in Public Spaces
Learning objectives: -- Understand the benefits of exercising in groups -- Identify considerations for training in outdoor and public spaces -- Identify specific areas of concern for instructors leading classes safely in outdoor public spaces
4. Circuit Training Overview
Learning Objectives -- Understand the history behind circuit training programs -- Learn the benefits of circuit training, based on research -- Understand why circuit training is effective in a community class setting
5. Review of Anatomy
Learning Objectives -- Reinforce the importance of a basic understanding of bones and muscles -- Review the basic joint actions and types of muscle contractions -- Review the anatomical planes and understand their utilization in exercise programming
6. Foundational Training Principles and Concepts
Learning Objectives -- Understand the basic components of physical fitness -- Explain basic principles of exercise programming -- Review select points of exercise physiology and the various energy pathways
7. Training Fundamentals
Learning Objectives -- Describe and demonstrate fundamental movements -- Understand the fundamental elements that are incorporated into FitLot Circuit Training classes -- Identify the 11 fixed stations of the outdoor fitness park structure and describe exercises that may be performed at each of them.
8. FitKit Resistance Band Training
Learning Objectives -- Understand the FitKit Resistance Band System and how it can be incorporated into FitLot training -- Explain how the FitKit resistance bands, and other equipment utilizing anchor points, attach to the FitLot structure -- Understand existing research that supports the effectiveness of resistance band training -- Describe specific exercises that use the FitKit resistance bands
9. FitLot Circuit Training Program
Learning Objectives -- Understand FitLot Circuit Training Program methodology -- Understand how FitLot Circuit Training classes are organized and implemented -- Learn how to plan a FitLot Circuit Training class
10. Coaching and Class Instruction
Learning Objectives -- Understand successful instruction techniques for teaching outdoor fitness classes -- Describe best practices for class execution regarding music, timing, vocal instruction, monitoring intensity, and class setup
11. Considerations for Special Populations and Health Emergencies
Learning Objectives -- Understand the importance of pre-screening and health risk assessment procedures as part of the registration process -- Identify common conditions that may present special health and safety concerns in an outdoor fitness park class -- Identify special populations that may require extra attention and modifications during an outdoor fitness park class -- Describe environmental conditions that may arise when instructing outdoor fitness classes and how to handle them safely -- Identify emergency conditions and situations and explain corresponding appropriate action
FitLot Coaches Training Course
About Lesson

A message from Vadim Mejerson, PhD, co-founder of FitLot, Principal of Physical Intelligence Inc., and creator of The FitLot Training System.

FitLot, as a concept, came to my son Adam and me simultaneously. The moment we laid eyes on a “playground for grown-ups,” an outdoor fitness park, we instantly knew it was something special.  We said to each other, “…this is so right and so inviting, every neighborhood should have one.” 

This has proven to be the beginning of what has been a very long process. Our journey has included questioning, observing, learning, comparing, testing, envisioning and dreaming. The concept of an outdoor fitness park, designed for all and accessible to all, seemed like an absolutely positive idea. Forces were joined. Father and son began building something together. The idea of creating something that we both felt passionate about was exciting. We envisioned a system that could have a positive impact on both individuals and communities. Together, we brought different, but complementary skills, abilities and a spectrum of experiences to the table. 

Adam immediately thought of building outdoor fitness parks in New Orleans. Having volunteered to help with the post Katrina recovery efforts, Adam took time off from college and absolutely dedicated himself to the labor and effort required to rebuild a city from such a catastrophe. He never left. This love affair resulted in his involvement in the community, an interest in its needs and problems and a strong motivation to participate in finding solutions. His passion, his academic training in business and disaster management, and his deep, organic understanding and appreciation of fitness and wellness from having literally grown up in my training facility, led him to fully commit to this inspiring idea.

Step by step, after years of work, a not-for-profit organization was established, specializing in all the necessary aspects of turning this idea into a functional reality. Despite the ups and downs, and the long, slow process, Adam formed FitLot, Inc., a 501c(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping communities find the resources they need to plan, build and program outdoor fitness parks. In order to bring this concept to as many communities as possible, we understood that we would need to partner with a sponsor with a true dedication to public health. 

In 2019, AARP teamed up with FitLot to celebrate their 60th Anniversary as an organization by providing FitLot with a grant to plan, build and activate one fully-funded AARP Sponsored Outdoor Fitness Park to each state in the country, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico over three years. Many of you reading this will be hired with the funds AARP committed to activating these parks for the first 3 years with no-cost community classes. It’s an incredible initiative, and by taking this training, you are becoming part of a national team of FitLot Coaches who are all serving and strengthening their communities. 

My professional experience lies in the field of Exercise Physiology.  For the last three decades, I have been operating a fitness and wellness clinic, located adjacent to my home. I have been interested in physical fitness since my teenage years. As a competitive athlete, I was naturally interested in improving my athletic-performance. The science of exercise physiology was in its infancy, and the concept of physical fitness and the multi-dimensional understanding of it were very vaguely defined. I decided to make the field of physical fitness a focus of my academic studies and my work. Living in Israel, I obtained my undergraduate degree, as well as my fitness coaches’ diploma, from Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sports. I further pursued my graduate studies and a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology in New York at Adelphi University.

I owe the essence of my practical experience to my very extensive involvement in the training of Israeli Special Forces and Israeli Secret Service. The need for necessary skills, and the required physical fitness to develop and hone those skills, is imperative for operations carried out by both the Special Forces and Secret Service. Often, situations of extreme physical strain present themselves, and trained specialists need to be able to achieve peak performance under stress in order to successfully meet objectives. My experiences in this realm led me to firmly believe that physical fitness is an essential element in all situations.

I also believe that physical fitness affects the quality of our life in immeasurable ways. Physical fitness should be introduced to us in childhood and be part of planning that takes our lives, our longevity and our vitality into consideration. Safety, efficiency, enjoyment and correct performance should be taught by properly trained professionals that treat their task with the utmost responsibility. Though not a simple task, our intent is to provide a mechanism that will help with this very important endeavor. The Fitlot Outdoor Fitness Park and Training Methodology were designed to be useful for all ages and abilities and to provide trainers like you with resources that will expand your toolkit and inspire you to join us in strengthening communities. 

Thank you for helping make our dream a reality!  We are excited to join forces with you as we increase activity and health one person and one community at a time.

In health,

Vadim Mejerson, Ph.D.