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1. Current State of Health and Fitness
Learning objectives: -- Understand current statistics around physical fitness, inactivity and obesity within the US and worldwide -- Gain an understanding of how obesity and disease impact healthcare costs and overall public health -- Understand how FitLot Outdoor Fitness Parks can be part of the solution
2. History and Benefits of Outdoor Fitness
Learning objectives: -- Understand the history of outdoor fitness and outdoor fitness parks -- Describe the health benefits of exercising outdoors -- Explain the potential impact of accessible green space and outdoor fitness parks on public health and communities
3. Group Training in Public Spaces
Learning objectives: -- Understand the benefits of exercising in groups -- Identify considerations for training in outdoor and public spaces -- Identify specific areas of concern for instructors leading classes safely in outdoor public spaces
4. Circuit Training Overview
Learning Objectives -- Understand the history behind circuit training programs -- Learn the benefits of circuit training, based on research -- Understand why circuit training is effective in a community class setting
5. Review of Anatomy
Learning Objectives -- Reinforce the importance of a basic understanding of bones and muscles -- Review the basic joint actions and types of muscle contractions -- Review the anatomical planes and understand their utilization in exercise programming
6. Foundational Training Principles and Concepts
Learning Objectives -- Understand the basic components of physical fitness -- Explain basic principles of exercise programming -- Review select points of exercise physiology and the various energy pathways
7. Training Fundamentals
Learning Objectives -- Describe and demonstrate fundamental movements -- Understand the fundamental elements that are incorporated into FitLot Circuit Training classes -- Identify the 11 fixed stations of the outdoor fitness park structure and describe exercises that may be performed at each of them.
8. FitKit Resistance Band Training
Learning Objectives -- Understand the FitKit Resistance Band System and how it can be incorporated into FitLot training -- Explain how the FitKit resistance bands, and other equipment utilizing anchor points, attach to the FitLot structure -- Understand existing research that supports the effectiveness of resistance band training -- Describe specific exercises that use the FitKit resistance bands
9. FitLot Circuit Training Program
Learning Objectives -- Understand FitLot Circuit Training Program methodology -- Understand how FitLot Circuit Training classes are organized and implemented -- Learn how to plan a FitLot Circuit Training class
10. Coaching and Class Instruction
Learning Objectives -- Understand successful instruction techniques for teaching outdoor fitness classes -- Describe best practices for class execution regarding music, timing, vocal instruction, monitoring intensity, and class setup
11. Considerations for Special Populations and Health Emergencies
Learning Objectives -- Understand the importance of pre-screening and health risk assessment procedures as part of the registration process -- Identify common conditions that may present special health and safety concerns in an outdoor fitness park class -- Identify special populations that may require extra attention and modifications during an outdoor fitness park class -- Describe environmental conditions that may arise when instructing outdoor fitness classes and how to handle them safely -- Identify emergency conditions and situations and explain corresponding appropriate action
FitLot Coaches Training Course
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